Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj


Ass ass ass ass ass
Ass ass ass ass ass
Ass ass ass ass ass
Ass ass ass ass ass ass
Stop! Now make that motherfucker hammer time, like

Go stupid, go stupid, go stupid

[Verse 1 – Big Sean]
Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobble
I’m st-stacking my paper, my wallet look like a bible
I got girlies half naked, that shit look like the grotto
How your waist anorexic and then yo ass is colossal? (Like woo!)
Drop that ass, make it boomerang
Take my belt off, bitch I’m Pootie Tang
Tippy tow tippy tay you gon’ get a tip today
Fuck that, you gon’ get some dick today
I walk in with my crew and I’m breaking they necks
I’m looking all good I’m making her wet
They pay me respect they pay me in checks
And if she look good she pay me in sex (Do…

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